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2018 Communication Prize Winners

Prof. Stewart Dunn, Director – Pam McLean Centre, addresses the audience

Thursday, 27 September saw the top three Stage 3 (final year) Sydney Medical School student finalists compete in a live event to determine their place in the 2018 Sulway Harris Prize for Excellence in Clinical Communication.

Finalists participated in response, empathy and role play activities scored by a panel of seven esteemed judges representing the academic, clinical, patient and medico-legal aspects of the medical world.

(L-R) Professional actor, Annette van Roden, with finalist, Isabella Lau

The final outcome was a tie for first place, with prize money allocated to first and second place combined for our winners:

  • Equal 1st Prize of $1,250 each:
    • Josephine de Costa, Central Clinical School
    • Urosh Chikich, Northern Clinical School
  • 2nd Prize of $500: Isabella Lau, Nepean Clinical School

Between activities audience members participated in mini responses and debates with each earning a gift card for their contribution. After the formalities we enjoyed a well catered cocktail party with thanks to sponsor Avant Mutual.

(L-R) Joint prize winners Urosh Chikich & Josephine de Costa

The Pam McLean Centre administered the prize application & assessment process and hosted the live event on behalf of Sydney Medical School. The prize was established by Dr Martyn Sulway and Sydney Medical School in 2016 to promote and encourage the development of professional communication skills.

Thank you to everyone who applied, attended on the day and supported the event. We look forward to doing it all again in 2019.

The judging panel are all smiles

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