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Our Clients

At the PMC we design scenarios, develop workshops for Health professionals and students. Our list of regular clients since 2001 includes

  • Cancer Societies around Australia and New Zealand;
  • Patient Safety and Quality Organisations at national and international levels;
  • Professional bodies specialising in other areas – Diabetes, Gastro-Intestinal Diseases, Genetic Counselling, Mental Health, Palliative Care
  • Australian and New Zealand Colleges of Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Physicians, Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
  • Australian Medical Association (AMA)
  • NSW Health
  • Health Education & Training Institute (HETI)

We deliver annual workshops for new trainees in several Colleges and for Medical Officers in Local Health Districts throughout NSW and interstate. Together with Allied Health Professionals, we have developed regular programs for Nursing, Physiotherapy and Radiation Therapy trainees. Last but not least is our annual program of workshops for the Sydney Medical School, providing one-to-one experience with our actors for over 800 students annually.


The following are written reviews from participants in our workshops.

I wanted to say how impressed I was by the ‘Dealing with conflict in the workplace’ session. You are a brilliant facilitator, with incredible ambiguity tolerance and emotional intelligence, in your clever guidance of the group into real hearts and minds engaging learning. I was challenged, moved to tears of empathy and anger, and the 4 hours flew by. I do not think anyone could come away from that event and not be a profoundly changed, more reflective person. I particularly liked your insight into the most likely underlying causes of bullying behaviour being fear; that will certainly inform my response to dealing with bullies when I’m required to advise on such behaviour in future. I’m tempted to advocate for this session to be made mandatory. Thanks so much for your vision and the hard work put into this by you and your team, particularly the scarily convincing actors and admin staff behind all the logistics.

Paul Russell
Director, Clinical Governance
Northern Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health


I found the workshops to be highly effective in helping people explore their own communication abilities and develop strategies for improving those abilities. They had an almost magic quality to them in which you could see some instant positive changes, but they also left participants with the capacity to continue to think more deeply about their communication and how they can continue to grow. They were really the best such workshops I have encountered anywhere. Really quite fabulous!

Ken Bain
Professor of History, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
Northwestern University, Illinois


I really appreciated the opportunity to delve into difficult scenarios – it is always useful to encounter them in a “safe” environment and have a chance to think about come of the issues and my gut reaction to them before actually facing them, which I am certain to in my career.

Learning how to deal with sticky situations was very helpful, particularly the opportunity to see how others would approach the same situation. Was a very practical course/class which I will undoubtedly use skills learnt in my future practice. Great actor – very realistic. 

Medical Students – Open Disclosure workshops


This was the best session I’ve had this year. Fantastic. I feel quite well equipped to break bad news now. They gave us a few simple strategies that I won’t forget and ran the session brilliantly.

The whole concept is absolutely brilliant. A fantastic experience. Learned a lot about what to say, and more importantly, what not to say. One of the most helpful educational resources I have ever had access to.

The experience really turns communication from a theatrical to a practical skill. I have realised that you can do a lot for patients by just talking and being with them.

Medical Interns – Breaking Bad News workshop


Amazing and rich learning experience. I am an experienced clinician but inexperienced in supervision.

Brilliant, interactive, energetic. Best workshop I’ve ever been to. Workshop was excellent – fantastic facilitator, very knowledgeable and inspiring.

Excellent scenario, one I can relate / empathise with.  It does drive home the difference between bad trainees versus trainees with an incomplete skill set.  The discussions have given me a lot to think of / take back to my environment.  The actor was excellent.

Senior Clinicians – Supervision workshop


I enjoyed the interactive discussions – BRILLIANT. Well worth the drive in the rain!! Not only helped me understand how I communicate with patients but made me appreciate my colleagues and their strengths.

Excellent and engaging speaker. Nice balance of participation without being too challenging or intimidating.

Nurse Clinicians – Learning Styles / Multidisciplinary Teams workshop