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AMA’s Dealing with Bad Health News – May 25

We’re proud to announce our inclusion in the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) national conference program and invite you to register for our pre-conference workshop in Melbourne. 

  • 9.30 am-5.00 pm
    Thursday, 25 May 2017

Click Here for more information and register now.

The AMA recognises the importance of good clinical communication skills among healthcare professionals and, in partnership with the Pam McLean Centre, is offering a pre-conference masterclass for doctors who want to improve their skills in delivering bad news and leading conversations on end of life care.
This pre-conference masterclass, facilitated by Prof. Stewart Dunn, will address some of the most common and most challenging communication skills in the context of the long-term doctor-patient relationship – breaking bad news, and dealing with bad news learned from other specialists; interpreting complex information from other disciplines; and making sense of the options when active treatment is no longer possible.
This masterclass allows participants to put theory into practice through trial-and-error, working with a highly trained professional actor to negotiate step-by-step through the maze of emotionally-charged communication. The masterclass is based on rigorous research which measured heart rate and skin conductance in doctors whilst they told a woman that her husband had just died. The results will surprise you.”


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