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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

We are soon to finish the last of a series of six workshops focused on Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace. The workshop was developed in conjunction with the Northern Sydney Local Health District Centre for Education & Talent Development. Held in four locations across northern Sydney and attended by over 120 staff including Department Heads, Managers, Directors, Allied Health staff, Nurses, Doctors and Administration staff.

The content was developed to address the importance of this issue by the Health Minister and Ministry of Health. Staff had the opportunity to explore scenarios dealing with conflict in the workplace in an immersive, experiential role-play format. A safe space is created to learn and practice skills with professional actors under the guidance of our senior facilitator.

These scenarios explored the complexity and variability of conflict situations, the motivation and outcomes of behaviours, and the various factors that influence an individual’s behaviour which can lead to conflict. Each strategy provided personalised as well as group learning, with a focus on integrated behavioural and cultural change for the participants.

One participant gave the following feedback:

“I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the ‘Dealing with conflict in the workplace’ session. You are a brilliant facilitator, with incredible ambiguity tolerance and emotional intelligence, in your clever guidance of the group into real hearts and minds engaging learning. I was challenged, moved to tears of empathy and anger, and the 4 hours flew by. I do not think anyone could come away from that event and not be a profoundly changed, more reflective person. I particularly liked your insight into the most likely underlying causes of bullying behaviour being fear; that will certainly inform my response to dealing with bullies when I’m required to advise on such behaviour in future. I’m tempted to advocate for this session to be made mandatory. Thanks so much for your vision and the hard work put into this by you and your team, particularly the scarily convincing actors and admin staff behind all the logistics.”

Paul Russell
Director, Clinical Governance
Northern Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health

If you would like to provide your staff with training and skills in Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace, please contact +612 9926 4691 or Click Here to submit our Getting Started questionnaire.

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