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End of Life communication, E-learning and Video projects

What’s on the calendar for PMC this month? We are excited to roll out a series of End of Life communication workshops tailored around the specific needs and locations of the organisations we’re working with, being Hunter New England, Southern NSW and Nepean Blue Mountains LHDs.  The diverse characters and scenarios will explore everything from introducing palliative care and prognosis, to Advanced Care Directives, to psychosocial motivations in Decision making.

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians is collaborating with PMC to develop a challenging and engaging E-learning module around multiple Communication themes, including Breaking Bad News, Supervision and Feedback, and Adverse Events, using many of the well established frameworks within Health.  The potential of this model to provide sustainable and accessible teaching in this area across a large dispersed cohort could have far reaching outcomes.

There have also been many requests for projects using video to deliver educational content. PMC can assist in your full range of needs for the production of video training projects including project development, script writing, casting and rehearsal of our professional actors, shoot production and direction.

PMC’s educational clients include The University of Sydney and the University of NSW, and together, we run immersive experiential learning activities to developing communication skills for their medical students. PMC provides the resources for this training, as well as being involved at University of Sydney in ongoing assessment of the students’ skill development throughout the graduate degree program.

Finally, click here to view the Small Acts of Kindness video we produced for NSW Health, which has an incredible impact on all who see it. It’s a wonderful reminder of the importance of compassion.

Call us on +612 9926 4691 or email to discuss how we can work with you to deliver your workshop, video or online training needs.

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